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Take a look at our gallery of 3D Prints.  Here you will see the good the bad and the ugly.  We’re not afraid to show where we started at because we know there are a lot of misconceptions about 3D printing out there.  Most people we encounter think that it is a simple process to just have a model and set it to print with perfect results all the time, but in reality, there are calibration steps to take, there are many times when trial and error comes into play as well.  To get great 3D prints, it takes patience and experience with your machine and your plastics.

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Yes, we also offer 3D Printing Services for you!

Aside from selling our own custom 3D prints, we can work with you on your own 3D designs.  If you are interested in turning something into a digital creation to be 3D printed, we can help you with that.  Do you already have an STL file you need printed?  We can certainly take care of that for you too!

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We are More than just a 3d print and design company!

Russalsa started in 2010 with making life changing salsa and used that revenue to move into 3D printing and design in 2015.  Yeah, we could have changed our name, but for those that know us, they know that Russalsa stands for quality, integrity and honesty.

We strive to have the best products at reasonable rates while educating our clients about the 3D printing industry.  Did you know that there are 3D printers in development that can print cars?  How about the ones that are being used to speed up low cost house manufacturing?  Do you know the difference between an SLA 3D printer and an FDM 3D Printer?  We cover these in our Blog section so that you can learn as we learn.

Shop with us, learn with us and grow with us, the future is brighter than you can imagine!

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