3D Design Services

At Russalsa, we offer custom 3D Design Services from your concepts to a digital model of what you need.

3D Print Services

Along with designs for 3D Printing, ,we offer 3D Printing services as well!  Have a design already and just need it printed?  We can analyze the design for you and let you know if any modifications need to be done before printing too.

We also sell some of our 3D printed crafts!

We have a few designs that we are especially proud of and would like to share them with the world.  Check out the Russalsa shop to purchase these designs!

Everyone loves an origin story!

We started out in 2010 by making specialty salsa that was scientifically crafted to match the pallet of our clients. To become more diversified, we started to 3D print products with the Russalsa brand: Bowls, Spoons, Keychains etc. and we found that 3D design had a special place in our heart.

Now, we are branching out to not only offer our specialty salsas to our local clients, but to also spread our 3D Prints around the world. We offer pre-made 3D-Printed objects and we also offer custom 3D models and prints.

Next Steps…

Contact us for a quote on our Design or 3D Printing services!  All you need is a rough sketch with dimensions (we won’t criticize on the artwork) or a detailed concept and we can analyze it for how much time it will take to model.  The analysis is always free!  We want you to be excited about your designs and ideas because you never know the true potential until you try.  For 3D print services, that one is easy.  Send us the file you need printed and we will check it to make sure overhangs are printable and the model is manifold before sending a quote.  Just like with 3D Design services, the analysis is always free!

Contact us now!